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Wednesday TV Time

Surprised at myself that I'm watching the telly. Usually, I'd be reading a book or messing about but here I am in front of the telly and the laptop writing about stuff I've watched and what I'm watching.


Watching reruns of 'The Walking Dead' I'm watching the episode where the gang is in Terminus. I read the comics and this is the story line entitled 'The Hunters'.


I'll leave it at that.


Watching the local late evening news and switching to the early foreign newscasts. What do you know? The news mentioned is almost the same. Impending energy crisis. Summer/Spring plans. Earth Day celebration.

Made me realize that the world is indeed smaller than what we make of it.


UFC Fight Night was also on and it featured UFC star Urijah Faber. He was in Manila recently. He conducted a seminar and a training session that focused on wrestling. He would also be headlining the UFC bouts in Manila together with Frankie Edgar.

Can't wait!


What are you watching now?

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motrojam wrote on April 23, 2015, 4:26 AM

I wasn't able to catch the season finale of the Walking Dead. I am still looking for a way to view them.