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Write on into the land of Victory! To Victory I say!

Whoopsie! Yep I was gone a little longer than I realized. I've been busy on other things lately and haven't been hanging much of anywhere on the writing sites period. Took some time away to recharge and what not. I've been working on more personal articles as of late, trying my hand at neat little readathons and so forth and it's been so much fun! I'm going over my comic book past and it is recharging my comic book present. In turn helping to give new energy to my writing in general. I've been writing online for awhile and I think I was starting to suffer from a bit of burnout. Between writing all over the place, I think I was starting to get fried in the worst way possible. I say I've gotten myself back in the mood to write more again. Ugh, burnout stinks but at least I'm working my way through it. Now to the writing adventures I go here at Persona Paper once more, sorry for my absence. Take care!

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