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Should Have Been Ten - TBT Post

Another here. I remember back in the 'B' site, I had days when I was able to submit the maximum ten posts. Prior to that, the most I've submitted was nine. On two different occasions, I was able to submit nine posts. Back then, when I was able to submit ten posts, I considered it as an achievement. Looking at my stats, I was getting more than $1 per post so simple math would give me a little over $10 a day. With consistent ten posts a day, I was able to redeem within five days.

There was a time I was hell-bent on submitting ten posts. I was confident I could do it. I had just submitted my ninth post and was interacting with my connections. I waited for just a little more time. I can see my ninth posts getting more views and likes and I was waiting for it to hit a certain number of views and likes before submitting my tenth posts. When i submitted my tenth post, I was excited when the post was accepted. Time to celebrate another ten-post day! When I checked on my supposedly tenth post, much too my surprise, it registered as my first post for the next day already. I was stumped!!! I still had an hour left and then I realized... curse you DST!!!

So, yeah, that was a disappointment. Not being able to submit ten posts when I had the chance. It was a wasted opportunity in my opinion. I swear it won't happen to me again. LOL!

Anyway, nowadays here in Persona Paper, I'm aiming to submit at least five posts for the remainder of the month. I'm still doing the . Only this time, I'm gunning for 125 posts. I was able to hit 110 posts last month and I'm fairly confident I can hit 125 posts this April.

Do you have monthly targets that you aim for? Did you ever experience something similar when you thought you were able to achieve something and then find out that you didn't? How'd you feel?


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wolfgirl569 wrote on April 20, 2015, 9:21 AM

I used to earn 1 a post there also. But I still like it a lot more here