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Billy Blanks and Cardio Boxing for Weight Loss

Cardio Boxing was a fitness trend that became very popular in the 1990's. Recently, the trend has been gaining some new popularity though it certainly is not as popular as HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) currently is. Cardio Boxing combined basic cardio and aerobic exercises with techniques from martial arts to create a workout for burning fat and toning the body. A typical cardio boxing session consists of a warm-up exercise followed by 20 to 40 minutes of a heart pumping workout and ending with some cool-down stretches.

Billy Blanks is a well known name in the cardio boxing genre. His videos featured Tae Bo workouts, a fitness system that he developed. A lot of his older videos can now be found online on video streaming sites such as youtube. He also continues to work as a fitness trainer and still makes Tae Bo workout videos.

Being a chubby kid in school I was never fond of P.E. class but one day the teachers had as do a little exercising to a Billy Blanks video. I surprisingly enjoyed the martial art moves mixed in with the workout. Now, years later, I am trying to lose weight and am using the same Tae Bo videos to help me. For some reason these videos and cardio boxing just really appeals to me and this is pretty important because exercising can be draining. Finding an exercise program that works and is one that you actually enjoy can be a challenge but really motivating. I also started to do a little belly dancing, another activity that I enjoy, as a workout every other day but that's a story for a different post.

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