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To all the women out there who think they are simply hideous without pounds of makeup, heels, fake hair and nails. I am here to say that is garbage and you have been lied to. I mean think about it ladies what would that hair and makeup industries be if hardly anyone used them. So of course they will lie and do whatever is necessary to keep and gain customers. I am here to tell you that they failed as far as me, because I use virtually no makeup except for chap stick, I cut my hair to almost bald so that it would be easier to manage, I have never been in a nail salon nor had any weave put in my hair in a very long time, also ladies I do not wear anything that is not comfortable. So according to the TV shows and magazine that would make me ugly because I like comfort. Well my fiancee does not feel that way at all. So I hope people reading this blog will realize that some of us do not go by TV and magazines for definitions of beauty and that maybe you should not either. In fact this female thinks that the definition of beauty needs to be made more realistic and for the everyday person not just the rich and famous. Hope you enjoyed reading my nuggets of advice for today please leave comments and feedback, Thanks.

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paigea wrote on April 17, 2015, 6:17 PM

I have never dyed my hair or worn makeup either. No comsmetic company has made any money off of me.

Gb1n wrote on April 18, 2015, 8:28 PM

Good for you. That is what I like to hear.