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Writing Prompt: List of Events

Okay, so this writing prompt states "Events List: Make a list of special events, whether it be birthdays, anniversaries, or obscure holidays like Wear Brown Shoes Day."

So am I do just holidays or my own calendar? I think I'm going to go with the latter, because I would rather keep this a bit personal rather than just general.

We are in the middle of what I call "birthday season," as a good chunk of my nieces and nephews have and will be celebrating birthdays. I don't know if there will be parties or whatnot for all of them, because some of them are teenagers, and others it's too early to know. So I'm only listing the stuff I know will be happening....

May 10th: Mother's Day. I think we're having a cookout at some point that month to celebrate. :)

May 16th: This would have been my parents' 44th Wedding Anniversary. My Daddy passed away in June of 2013, but we still acknowledge their anniversary.

May 17th: I'm attending WWE Payback with my best friend and teenage niece. My first WWE event since Septmeber, and somehow I didn't go crazy lol.

May 22nd: Poltergeist reboot hits the theaters, yay! :)

May 30th: One of my longtime best friends is coming into town to see Poltergeist with me and some of my family. :D

June 21st: Father's Day. My Daddy is in Heaven, but I still think about him.

June 25th-June 27th: The hardest week of my life, as my Daddy went to the hospital on June 25th and never came home. June 27th will mark two years since he passed away of lung cancer. Yes, he passed away just several days after Father's Day. emoticon :crying:

July 4th: Yay for cookout food and fireworks! :D

July 11th-12th: Two years since Daddy's viewing and funerals. He had a Military Service, as he served in the Air Force before I was even born (he was drafted). So that's why it took almost two weeks for the services.

August 20th: I'm leaving for my WWE SummerSlam vacation with my friends! :D

August 21st: I don't know what we're doing that day yet.

August 22nd: Possibly attending a WWE live event with my friend(s).

August 23rd: I'm attending my first live WWE SummerSlam with my friends. :D

August 24th: I'm attending WWE Monday Night Raw with my friends!

August 25th: I'm heading back to Maryland and probably doing a lot of sleeping.

September 7th: Rumor has it WWE Monday Night Raw will be held here in Baltimore. Of course I'm going, I just may have to do slightly cheaper seats, but that's okay lol.

October 31st: Halloween! :)

November 26th: Thanksgiving!

December 25th: Christmas, my favorite holiday! :)

December 30th: Yep, I'm probably attending another WWE live event here in Baltimore. :)

I think I'm gonna stop there. This is long enough, and I already left out stuff such as birthdays and BARCStober Fest (I don't know when that is though). I enjoyed listing out some of that stuff, but I have two more assignments to finish. You all take care and have a good evening (or day)! :)

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