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I Forgot I Have To Get Up Earlier Tomorrow...

I have to watch two of the munchkins earlier than usual tomorrow, but only about a half-hour earlier. It kind of sucks but oh well, if I go to bed right after WWE Raw goes off, or almost immediately, it should be okay. My Mom and older sister have to run somewhere important, so I'll be watching the kiddies tomorrow. We only have my two nieces, as the little guy will be with his Grandmother. It's whatever though, I'll live lol. I'll start my work later tomorrow when everyone gets home. I just need to make sure to set my alarm before I go to bed tonight.

I didn't do much out of the usual today. I babysat the little guy (we don't get my brother's kids on Mondays) and worked on my writing assignments on Zerys. I didn't write as much at first because after my second assignment, the job board was empty! Holy slow day, Batman!

I jumped offline to take care of some other things, and when I got back online, there was work on the board. Yipee! I actually had the motivation to write today, so it would be a shame to run out of work so early. But I could also have switched over to Textbroker or worked on other things. I have been for a bit now, getting distracted in between assignments by WWE Raw lol. I'm on my last assignment now. My 10:30pm cut-off alarm is going to go off while I'm working on it, but that's okay. It's the last assignment and it shouldn't take me long to complete.

It was a warm today, and I loved it! I haven't dug out the shorts and flip-flops since last summer, so it was nice to be able to wear them today. I need to check the weather for tomorrow, but I'll do that before I hit the hay, or when I get up.

Alrighty, I don't feel like rambling anymore tonight. I feel like it's turning my post into a mess. I'm going to finish up this final assignment, continue to watch WWE Raw until 11pm-ish (sometimes it runs over by a few minutes) and then I'm calling it a night. You all take care, and I will catch you guys the next time I log back in here. Goodnight (or good morning), everyone! :)

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