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Life Is More Than the Destination

I have noticed that I easily become frustrated and discouraged with my life these days. And today I've finally realized why. I'm not patient enough with myself. I fail to see how far I've come and what all I've overcome. I especially fail to see that life--and any goal we set--is a journey and therefore we can't expect to reach the destination immediately.

We wouldn't expect to go on vacation by stepping out our front door and immediately finding ourselves relaxing on some faraway tropical beach. So, why should we expect our hopes, dreams, and hard work to reach the end immediately? We shouldn’t.

A journey is challenging. It takes thoughtful planning. It takes appropriate preparation. It also takes plenty of patience and perseverance. Anyone who has attempted a long road trip or a vacation thousands of miles from home knows that if you are ill prepared or impatient, a million things could go wrong.

Can you imagine if we set out on a road trip in the way we approach our goals and life expectations? It wouldn’t be pretty. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to find many of us out of gas, traveling in the wrong direction, or giving up and turning back long before the trip even had a chance to get started.

I know I’m guilty of all three of these fatal errors...and more. However, I’m done. I’m finished having unrealistic expectations about myself, my life, and my goals. I’m ready to embrace the journey along with the destination. I still want to change so many things, but I’m going to try to enjoy myself as I work towards those changes.

If I hit a roadblock or a detour along the way...? It’s fine with me! I’ve always enjoyed little surprises anyway. And one little obstacle doesn’t make or break a journey. Besides, some of the greatest things in life can be unexpected.

If I get a little lost along the way...? No problem! I’ll be enjoying the new scenery as I get myself back on track.

Oh, and if I don’t reach the journey’s end when or even where I expected...? It really isn’t that horrible. The journey can be just as fulfilling and enjoyable as the destination.

Life is all about the living part. Life is actively seeking to learn, to grow, and to become more. All that busy, noisy, chaotic, and messy stuff that falls between beginning and end--between birth and death--is what life on this earth is all about. We should be enjoying it and relishing it as it happens, not ignoring it as we reach for the future. We’ll miss out on so much if we don’t enjoy the ride along the way.

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MegL wrote on April 13, 2015, 3:08 AM

One of the songs I love says, "Life is for the Living".

KSmith84 wrote on April 13, 2015, 3:20 AM

My husband and I are currently working towards our goal but it can become frustrating at times especially because it often feels like we'll never get there. It's good to remember that sometimes it's more about the journey and what you learn along the way.

Hollyhocks100 wrote on April 13, 2015, 6:04 AM

I´m going through something very tough at the moment and all I can think about (almost) is getting to the end of it. I thought I had planned the journey well, but other peoples cock up´s got in the way, which has caused seemingly endless frustration and a whole load of stress, not to mention financial problems. Reading your post has helped a little, and also someone saying to me that when we think we have reached the end and all seems lost, it really isn´t.