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From Pottery to Gaming to a Late-Night Food Run, Yesterday Was Fun!

Sorry I haven't been on here as much as usual, but I'm having problems getting online at home. Fortunately, I am now at the library, so I can come around and visit everyone while I have a little computer time.

Yesterday was a very fun day! I met up with my friends Dave, Cassandra and Peter at Dave's place, where we sat and talked a bit, and then everyone piled into my car and took off on our day's adventures! First stop was the pottery festival, which showcased the work of about 50 craftsmen from North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. We had a great time admiring all the beautiful work and chatting with the potters, who told us such interesting things about their work and about pottery in general. Cassandra found a lovely coffee mug with a cobalt blue glaze for her mom's Mother's Day present. As we were almost finished and preparing to leave, I also saw another friend of mine, who was attending the event after reading about it in a blog post that I made in my What's Good in Greensboro? blog. I introduced her to my other friends, and we chatted a bit.

She was still looking at things, so we left her to it and departed for our next destination, which was the house of friends of Peter's in Winston-Salem, a city about an hour away from us. Peter's friends were having a party to play boardgames, which we all love to do. Dave and Cassandra had been to this event the last time it was held, and now it was my turn to join in the fun! There was some sort of local event going on in the city that made parking a little chancy, so we ended up several blocks away from the house. But that was okay--the weather was fine, and it was no bother to walk.

Peter's friends, Josh and Jenna, live in a wonderful big old house with plenty of room for lots of people and games, and oh my goodness, they had so much amazing food, too! I had a plate full of yumminess, and we played several games: first, Dave, Cassandra, and I played a game called Archipelago with Scott and Brian, who we just met (it's quite common to meet people as you sit down to play with them). Scott was the only one who knew that game, so he taught it. I came in third out of the five of us, which was a pleasant surprise to me, because I was very sure I was getting slaughtered! That game took two or three hours to play (Eurogames generally last a good while).

Next, Scott and Brian went off to play with others and we were joined by Aaron. We had decided to play Suburbia, which Aaron and Cassandra had never played and Dave had only played once. Fortunately, I own that game myself and was able to teach it. We finished pretty much according to our experience, with me taking first and Dave second, followed by the other two. Everyone agreed that they really enjoyed that game, though, and it is indeed quite popular with my friends who know it.

We started to get a bit tired, but we wanted to play one last game. I have always liked the game Village, so when I saw it on the shelf, I got excited about it. Jenna came by to chat and she was free from her previous game, so we asked if she would play with us (Peter had gone to play with other people initially, so his games were getting out at different times than ours, which is why Dave and Cassandra and I were never in a game with him (we see him all the time at home, though). I had played Village only a couple of times, but I knew that I loved it. It was new for Dave and Cassandra, but fortunately Jenna agreed to teach it. I ended up winning that one, as well, so I had quite a night! Cassandra came in second on that one.

At that point, it was after one A.M., and we headed on back to the car and then back to Greensboro. I dropped Dave and Cassandra off at Dave's place, and then gave Peter a ride home, whereupon I realized that, even though I had eaten well at Josh and Jenna's, that had been about seven hours ago, and I was famished! Never mind that it was almost 3am; I went to a 24-hour sandwich shop to get a small sub, and when I went in, I saw another two friends of mine, Kip and Liz, who had the same idea! We hugged hello and chatted while waiting for our orders to be made. When I got home, I ate my sandwich, and then the hungriness was replaced by sleepiness, and I hit the hay, happy and satisfied after a great day--and night--out with my friends!

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MelissaE wrote on April 12, 2015, 5:00 PM

It does sound like you had a fun time. I didn't realize that you lived in North Carolina. We had a home at Ocracoke for years. We've not been in the state since 2012.

msiduri wrote on April 12, 2015, 5:21 PM

I had to smile reading this. It does sound like a lot of fun. Enjoy!

maxeen wrote on April 12, 2015, 6:23 PM

You seem to have had a good time ,I would not be able to do any of that stuff,I like to keep on the move,unless it's the end of the day.Nice that you enjoyed.

Kasman wrote on April 12, 2015, 7:06 PM

Thank goodness for 24-hour sandwich shops! Didn't realise you were on Blogger. I am too but haven't actually written anything there yet.

bestwriter wrote on April 12, 2015, 7:58 PM

You seem to have a good bunch of friends that think alike.