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Network Marketing Done Right: access to sales professionals for the average home business

Multi-Level Marketing, or MLM, is a very popular way for people to make a little bit of extra money on the side. It’s also a good way for those who want to try out to dip their toes into the lifestyle without major outlay, and often while retaining a full time job in a traditional office or retail environment.

But many network and MLM ventures don’t last. Some do, and go on to great success. The differences are knowing which opportunity is best for you and how to grow your business. And those are thorny questions. MLM often relies on repeat business, but once you have approached all your family and friends, how do you reach the next level? If you don’t sell to people who know you, you’ll need to find new customers, which takes at least twice as much effort as continuing to sell to existing ones. And anyway, sales and marketing isn’t everyone’s bag. Far from it. Statistics show that only around 3% of the population are natural salespeople. Most people lack the necessary traits and find actively promoting something to be very stressful. That’s an awful lot of people (me included) who didn’t manage to sustain a viable MLM opportunity because they were not natural salespeople. I love the thrill of making a sale, even if it is only an item on eBay these days. What I don’t like is the time it can take to make the sale, the number of tweets and posts I have to make, sometimes having to retake my initial photographs, working out whether the item is at the correct price or in the best format for a quick sale. Some people describe the face-to-face aspect of sales as ‘scary’ or ‘stressful’. I’m not a people person, so I’m definitely in that group.

These days, there’s always social media to help you, of course. You can advertise on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, build a webpage and hope the customers find you. You can blog your experience as a marketing business owner and share progress with your followers, but there is no guarantee that they will become customers. If you’re not a marketing professional, finding the right business to make the most of your skills, and learning the best way to make a success of it, could become a time wasting exercise in trial and error.

The entrepreneurs who really want to make a success of their MLM opportunity now have the chance to work with marketing professionals. People like Sean Kelly, whose vision is set out on the site NetworkMarketingDoneRight . Back in the day when I was involved with MLM, this opportunity just didn’t exist. The internet was becoming more important in marketing and websites were slowly coming on stream. This was before Facebook and Twitter and only a couple of years after Amazon and eBay launched. These days if I had the time to reignite my interest in MLM, I would definitely look to work with dedicated sales staff to help things along.

Imagine not having to sell your network marketing opportunity or products actively, and yet still being able to have a successful business. This is what Sean is offering in the 10 minute video on his website. And let’s be honest, if you’re really looking to leave the rat race behind and run a successful home business, you’re going to need to sell things to keep it going. Whether that’s actual items or your expertise in a given field, every SME or home business can always benefit from extra marketing assistance. The marketing system which Sean talks about is described as ‘automated’ so once it’s in place it will take a fair amount of effort out of the process. That sounds great for people who want time to concentrate on what motivates them rather than hustling for sales in order to make the money to afford the time to concentrate on what motivates them. If you follow? But although the system is automated, there are still sales pros there to help out too – the best of both worlds, surely? Those business owners who need to duplicate this model through an entire MLM team in order to motivate everyone will also find it works well for them, according to the video. I guess once you, as a network marketing business owner, know what to do to maximize sales, you can share that with your downline and make them happy too.

The video is at pains to point out that this is not a webinar or training session, it does not involve making high pressure sales and will not scare off people like me who can’t sell for toffee. It does not promise to be a get-rich-quick scheme either, but does offer the chance to lay lasting foundations for a successful business. The first step, after watching the video, involves requesting a one-to-one consultation with a business building expert. This will tell you whether you are suited for this kind of network marketing opportunity, and also which variety of MLM might suit you best, if you haven’t already decided on one. The webpage with the same promotional video as you see here will come later, and can be purchased in addition to taking advantage of the marketing assistance to benefit your own business.

Some business training companies estimate that around 70% of businesses fail to maximize their results. With help from people like Sean and their knowhow, it seems possible that at least some home business owners might be able to be in the 3% who can sell and the 30% who succeed.

Image Credit » Screenshot of NetworkMarketingDoneRight website homepage. At suggestion of Sean Kelly, website owner.

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