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So Love the Camera on my Phone

So I got my new Samsung earlier this week and am totally in love with the camera. It is so, so nice to have decent camera again. I love taking pictures of anything and everything, but it is a pain when the camera just doesn't want to work with you.

Anyhow, the camera on my phone is almost a dream come true. It takes crystal clear photos and is so easy to use.

I hope my neighbors don't think me strange and I am out in the yard taking pictures of all the Spring flowers. They are so vibrant and full of life, and they don't stick around for very long.

The kids have been hiding the last few days......It has been a while since I got some good pictures of them, and it looks like it will still be a while before I get anymore. I will have to try a more subtle approach with them.

Image Credit » Arvi

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rosepetal wrote on April 10, 2015, 4:55 PM

My smartphone takes good pictures but is rather difficult to navigate. On occasion, I still take pictures of my feet when turning the darn thing on. I need to look at the Samsung as we are getting close to being allowed to get new phones.

Janey1966 wrote on April 10, 2015, 5:03 PM

It's amazing how cameras in phones have come along isn't it? I'm a bit old-fashioned in that I prefer to use a camera that looks like a camera, rather than a phone..but there again I haven't got a phone (just the landline) so I'd have to use the camera anyway lol. My previous camera was also a Sony (like the one I have now) but took better photographs. With my present Sony Cybershot, the slightest shake of the camera affects the photograph and it drives me nuts. That never used to happen with my other died as I got clear nail varnish all over it (don't ask) lol. Glad you love your Samsung and take lots and lots of photos with it..good for you!

wolfgirl569 wrote on April 10, 2015, 5:43 PM

I simply bought a new camera that does good.

bleekley wrote on April 11, 2015, 8:50 PM

How about yelling, "Freeze!" Or, "Simon says, 'Act like a tulip!'"

seren3 wrote on April 12, 2015, 7:24 PM

Cool! I'd love to have one! A friend of mine wwas given one recently and even though he hasn't hooked up a service to it - camera works great!

AliCanary wrote on April 22, 2015, 3:49 PM

Samsungs are good phones. My friend has an S5 and it's the bomb diggity. The camera on my old HTC isn't too bad, but it's not as nice as my actual camera. Cameras on the newest phones are better, though!