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Yankee Candle Wild Sea Grass - Like A Warm Summer Garden, Instead!

" Kissed by the ocean breeze, the green scent of dewy sea grass atop the sand dunes …" So say Yankee Candle, and yet as part of their "Life's A Beach" range, this candle does have a similar colour to another candle scent from 2012 called "Beach Wood," a scented candle that I quite like as it has a thick wave of vetiver, frankincense and sandalwood.

Well, this time, " Wild Sea Grass ," has far more body of scent in my home compared to " Beach Wood ," and yet the first tones that I picked up from the wax tart is that of gentle roses and sea marine flowers . In the middle there is a lovely tone of cedar wood that I really wasn't expecting whilst Jasmine flower fragrance is also apparent to my nose and a candle that seems to embody the sense of being surrounded by a scent of a summer garden rather than being at the ocean. Yankee Candle often have a lot of dreamy product promises that in recent years in my purchasing experience, can often be a bit too far fetched. There's a lovely light tone of mint in the base line of this candle, like that of spearmint - and I love that!

Certainly whilst there are shades of other scents that Wild Sea Grass gives off as a scented candle, there is a really thick and long lasting edge that this new scent gives off. Yankee Candle have addressed some of the issues that their wax tart scents aren't strong enough and for the 8 hours total burn time that this wax tart burns off for, I was surprised to get 12 hours of fragrance instead! After the flowery and mint tones are burnt off, a simmering reminder of perfumed cedar wood seems to be left behind. All this from a wax tart that costs £1-60 / $2-38 equivalent, though in the U.S being the home company, Yankee Candle products are usually even cheaper to buy.

The fragrance started off in my hall way and stretched out to almost all the rooms in my home, so different from quite a few wax tart scents I have been let down with in the past. Though initial placement in my hall way appears to be a good place for this candle to go in, I would buy this candle scent again by wax tart format for placement in a living room, bedroom or even a bathroom. Due to its abundant flowery edge, I wouldn't necessarily rely on putting this scent in a kitchen as it is too strong to consume food with whilst it is putting out its strong tones.

For info on how to use wax tarts/melts please refer to my previous post on their usage ( )

So, it is a full five star recommendation for the scent of an approaching summer garden with this " Wild Sea Grass ,"wax tart by Yankee Candle. It doesn't quite smell like being at the ocean for me, but at least it is fresh, can be strong and long lasting but also quite natural. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2Reviews 2015.

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scheng1 wrote on April 9, 2015, 8:55 AM

They have a store near my work place. I am quite surprised that they are still in business despite not having many customers.

Nar2Reviews wrote on April 9, 2015, 10:00 AM

They do sell online scheng1 so even if they don't take in many customers on the street, they do greater with worldwide sales. Puts the USA on the map, too.

LeaPea2417 wrote on April 9, 2015, 11:40 AM

I like scented candles. They are a nice addition to every room in the house.