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Vacation at Villa Escudero - River Rafting, Fishing, and Swimming Got To Wait!

So the first day ended with a bang inside our room... didn't sleep much but hey, why waste so much time sleeping when you can do other, more meaningful things right? We did get some sleep but my body clock was still on so I was up by my usual hour which is still too early considering that I'm on vacation. I didn't want to wake the beautiful lady sleeping beside me so I gently lifted her head and moved my arm from under her. I placed a pillow under her head, tucked her in and kissed her gently on the forehead. I could just lay there looking at her... good thing I had better things to do!!! LOL!!!

I decided to go out and run. I left a note by the bedside just in case my sleeping beauty wakes up from her slumber without a kiss from her charming prince. LOL!!! Off I went and decided which path to take for a run. Good thing though is that Villa Escudero is a vast open space. True, they do not have a runners path, at least none that I know of, but it didn't matter cause I had the space that I needed. The run was refreshing. The new surrounding took some time adjusting to. Good thing I brought my head lamp with me as it makes early runs easier with a strobe of light directly in front of you. Try running in the dark... it is no fun. And painful. And dark. And painful... all at the same time.

Anyway, I finish my run after an hour or so and I head back to our room. I see the sleeping beauty is still sleeping or so I thought... as I passed by, she grabs me and pulls me to bed. She's being playful and coy all at the same time. I can play the game as well as she can. I stand up and proceed to the bathroom to take a shower. I holler at her to get ready as I wanted to go fishing and river rafting. She makes a face and doesn't move an inch. I shower and get dressed. She stays still laying in the bed and again as I approach her she grabs me and pulls me in. I wasn't prepared though for what she did next. She puts me in a full guard position. She locks her legs around my body and pulls my head and neck closer to hers. She reminds me and chides me about her being a higher belt in jiu jitsu. I play along and we tussle and roll around the bed. The fishing and river rafting will have to wait...


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Image Credit » Photo is mine. Halo-halo at Villa Escudero.

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