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Vacation At Villa Escudero - The Museum Trip and War Memorabilia

So we arrived at Villa Escudero a little past 9am. If not for spending a long time at the stop over eating breakfast and talking, we would have arrived earlier... oh well, the the breakfast was good but the talk was great!!!

Anyway, we immediately checked in. I really wanted to get a room fronting the river but these rooms do not come with an ac unit. Tough luck!!! I know the weather is nice nowadays but you can never be too sure. Anyway, after settling in and unpacking, we decided to tour the facilities. First stop was the museum. This was a highlight for me as I love museums!!! There is a strict 'no photo-taking' in the museum although with all the camera phones we have nowadays, I'm not sure if this is implemented. Anyway, it took all of my will not to take photos of the presidential souvenirs that they have on display plus all the military related displays that they have. From the presidential display, I wanted a photo of the newspaper with the headline of Ferdinand Marcos putting the country under Martial Law. From the military case, I wanted to take pictures of the old guns that they have on display plus the armor that they have. The katana on display is also of interest to me. After the museum visit, we stepped into the children's playground that they have. Two see-saws, two swings, another swing type contraption and a merry-go round that needs to be pushed manually... good luck with that!!! We sat for awhile at the swings. She asks if I wanted to try the see-saw... I politely beg off. I joked that she is heavier than me although I have a lower body fat percentage LOL!!! Not a good idea. Never kid a woman about her age. Or weight. Or body fat percentage. Never. LOL!

Anyway, we took off and under the blistering sun I had taken pictures of the tank, machine guns, and a fighter plane on display near the entrance of the resort. I can wait until later in the afternoon when it is colder but I'm in a hurry and excited to take pictures. We wait for the carabao-pulled cart to go to the spot. She wasn't too happy but she still obliged. Good for me!!! We reached the spot and I took pictures. She asked where she will pose... I gave her a puzzled look. Thinking about our earlier exchange of unplesantries about her weight, I decided to tread lightly. I told her I didn't want her staying under the sun so she need not be part of the pictures. I even told her she can wait in the shade. Truth be told... I didn't want her in the pictures... tanks, machines guns, and a fighter plane can stand on its own. Hahahahahahahaha!!! So I took my pictures and then we waited for another carabao-pulled cart to take us to our lunch area.


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Photo is mine. Vintage tank in Villa Escudero.

Photo is mine. Vintage fighter plane at Villa Escudero.

Photo is mine. Machine gun displayed at Villa Escudero.


Image Credit » Photo is mine.

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AliCanary wrote on April 3, 2015, 7:46 AM

Oh, my. Yes, you should not have remarked on her weight--we ladies are very sensitive about that!

allen0187 wrote on April 4, 2015, 5:44 AM

Obviously, I was joking but I learned about it the hard way AliCanary .