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My enemy

My enemy

My adversary ,
often with insulted in the most vulnerable ,
insulted often in the most shallow ,
My enemy .
What would you ex my life without you
and yours without me ?
One can not know .
( when the provisos ends
being disappears )
My enemy,enemy.
From you fell in trace and benefits
to what I was asking ,
Liven thee my life , awoke ,
was afterwards to pledge ,
and healed ,
encompassed the murder souls .
oh , in fact you are the love
and my hatred ,
My enemy .
Exactly them ,
we devalue
road while going ,
you never not felt mess up ,
not felt computed ,
crowds ,
that inert flow
and breath taking
ignoring ,
Consequently left
upon thy soul
on my soul .

Image Credit » by Tumisu

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