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"Nice Guys", Wake Up and Realize Why You Are in the Friendzone, Once and for All

I have just finished reading a post by a young man whining about girls who date jerky guys and then complain to him, their friendzoned boy, about how the guys they date are scumbags, and why is every boy such a jerk, yadda yadda . And of course the writer says the same thing that my sad male friends say when they complain to me about not being able to land that cute girl they are lusting after: apparently, all women are ATTRACTED to scumbags. Yes, that's right; we don't WANT a nice man. We want a guy who will take advantage of us and kick us around and leave us broken-hearted.

Oh, yeah?

Let me tell you something, boys: Women are NOT ATTRACTED TO SCUMBAGS. We are attracted to handsome men , just like you are attracted to lovely women . Yes, you heard it here: Women can be just as shallow as men. Sometimes we luck out and the hot guys are also nice, and sometimes we're not so lucky and they're jerks. We tend to stay with them, at least until they really screw up, because when we met them, they were handsome and charming and we fell for them. Once you are emotionally attached to someone, it's hard to let go, regardless of how they treat you. There are tons of nice guys who are being walked all over by their horrible girlfriends, too, so does that mean men are also only attracted to jerks?

If you are honest , you will admit the same thing happens with guys. You don't want the ugly girl, no matter how sweet she is. You want the hot girl. She might be nice, or she might be a witch--and you may even decide whether she is or not based on the sole criteria of whether she is willing to go out with you.

So the bad news is that they aren't turning you down because you're nice; they're turning you down because they simply don't find you attractive, which is the very same reason you don't go after some of the girls out there. Sorry! The good news is if you would stop thinking you need to date a supermodel, you may find that there are no shortage of NICE girls who want to date a NICE guy.

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valmnz wrote on March 29, 2015, 1:40 AM

Wonderful! I've been married to my not so handsome nice guy for nearly 44 years now. Who needs a good looker, beauty is exceptionally skin deep.

AliCanary wrote on March 29, 2015, 12:39 PM

It's too bad when people can't see beyond the surface to the person within, but it's definitely not limited to one gender or another. Congratulations on your wonderful marriage!

GemOfAGirl wrote on March 29, 2015, 8:01 PM

As a single woman, I'd be more than happy to become involved with an average-looking guy with a great personality.