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Call Cleaning Helpers for Help with your Cleaning.

Cleaning Helpers is a London-based service providing end of cleaning. They have been established for eight years and have gained a reputation with tenants and landlords for an excellent standard of service. The firm even has contracts with estate agents left with messy properties to clean.

An end of tenancy clean by Cleaning Helpers gives a property a thorough going over once the tenant has moved out. The carpets, upholstery and curtains are vacuumed or dusted, wood, vinyl and laminate floors washed, all the surfaces in every room are wiped, including the bathroom and kitchen. Limescale is removed, windows washed internally, doors and frames wiped down, skirting and sockets dusted, cobwebs removed, all the usual things. The oven is cleaned at no extra cost and even the cupboards and bins are washed out. Extractor fans and radiators are cleaned where accessible, light fittings wiped down and any furniture and contents left tidy.

That's the kind of thorough which leads landlords to happily return deposits and speak in glowing terms about former tenants. It's the kind of thorough clean which makes popular with landlords and ensures that tenants leave properties looking at their best. It's also the kind of deep one-off clean which many houses and flats could benefit from every now and again. Fortunately, Cleaning Helpers provides just such a service too, as well as what is termed an 'after builders' cleaning, moving in/out cleaning, and separate upholstery, carpets and curtain cleaning services. The foundation of their business is the provision of an end of tenancy cleaning service in London, however.

All of Cleaning Helpers' workers are employed directly by the company, fully trained in-house, accredited and vetted. The carpet cleaners are trained by the National Carpet Cleaners' Association, and all work is guaranteed by Cleaning Helpers. Prices start from £95 for a London studio flat end of tenancy clean, and all sizes of property can be cleaned to the same exacting standards. The price quoted on the website is the price the customer will pay. There are no hidden charges, VAT, parking costs or fees for cleaning products. Discounts are available when carpet and upholstery cleaning services are booked with an end of tenancy cleaning visit, so that the whole flat or property and its contents can be thoroughly cleaned at the same time. The company offers free instant quotes to make it quick and easy to find out how much everything will cost, but given the very reasonable prices charged, it's unlikely to be more than the cost of the handed over at the start of the tenancy.

With the rise of properties, those tenants who leave a place looking spick and span will always be favoured over those who do not. A neat tenant is so much easier than a messy one, from the landlord's point of view. But whether the landlord has to pay for the cleaning or the departing tenant proactively does so, there will always be a need for companies providing an end of tenancy cleaning service, in or any other location.

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LadyTrouble wrote on March 29, 2015, 2:21 AM

The price certainly seems reasonable. Pretty great business as well. I don't believe that any of the cleaning services here offer such a wide range of cleaning, and especially not for end of tenancy agreement cleaning. I assume you've used the company before?

scheng1 wrote on March 29, 2015, 3:21 AM

I think they will provide weekly cleaning too, but then not many people will use the weekly service.