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Eight Fears - Part 2

There is a that I'm doing. I'm at post 3 now and I'm writing about my eight fears. I wrote my first four fears in an earlier post. To those who want to join the challenge please use the tag . Here is the complete list plus the links to those that I've completed:

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To summarize my first four fears, it was crossing bridges, crossing tunnels, tall buildings, and those local rituals. On to the next four:

5) Little girls growing up to be a certain former Disney girl twerking all over tv and music awards. Yes Yes! No! Yes! Where did these young girls lost their innocence?

6) Really bad, sappy, lines in movies, tv shows, and songs. I fear that sooner or later I'll be using the same bad, sappy lines in real life. Seriously.

7) Growing old... without the true love of my life.

Now, the jury is still out regarding who the true love of my life is so yeah...

8) Not reaching my full potential. Not even trying. I wake up everyday and I say to myself now is the day that I will do one more thing that fears me... and I actually do it.

That's about it. I'm not the type of person who talks about my fears. I see these as areas to improve. LOL!

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