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Nine Loves

Continuing my for the day. I'm already at nine loves. Made the first topic which is into two posts. You can read about it here:
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The rest of the topics can also be seen in the first post. Feel free to join in. You can opt to make this a writing challenge spread over ten days or you can go crazy like me and try to finish as much as you can in one day. On to topic 2...
So, I'll write about my nine loves. Now, love is a broad word and it means a lot of things to a lot of different people so just to simplify the challenge, I'll write about three persons that I love, three things that I own and love, and three 'random things' that I love. 3 + 3 + 3 = 9, right? Right!!!

Let's get to it shall we:

1) I love my family... and I have a 'big' family and an extended sense of 'family' that includes friends and enemies alike.

2) I love my friends, namely my closest buddies from my previous work. Recently spent a mini-vacation with them, sort of an annual road trip for the boys. Will write a post a bout that but then I have to edit a lot of unsavory stuff not fit to print. LOL!

3) I love all the strangers that I encounter. I have always believed that people come into our lives either as a blessing or as a lesson and we are the same to the others that we meet.

4) I love my work out gear and sporting stuff. These includes my fight shorts, rash guards, boxing gloves, my Vibram shoes and all the stuff that I have bought the past year that I use in my physical/sporting endeavors.

5) I love my credit card and the money that I earn, save, and spend!!!

6) I love my Brazil home (traditional yellow and green) soccer (football for the rest of the world) jersey and the fact that I can wear that and be mistaken for an actual Brazilian (which still surprises me up to now!!!).

7) Kinda related to item number 6, I love that I am sometimes mistaken as either a Japanese or a Korean or an Indonesian or a Hawaiian or a Mexican that can speak really good english. I cannot count the number of times that me and my friends (I must admit, sometimes by myself.. Ok a lot of times by myself) that we/ pulled a con on others with this.

8) Not really random but I love the feeling that I get when it rains. Not pouring, flooding, most likely end of the world/end of times rain... just a slight rain.

9) I love 'paying it forward' without expecting something in return. I'm a villain wannabe who everybody hates but everybody secretly loves and admires.

Care to share your nine loves?!! Cheers!

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