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Ten Things About Me - Part 2

Read the first part and the rest of this here, . Trying to make up for the three days that I wasn't around here in the site plus also in the tail end of my so this is just what I need.

Here is the list of topics for the ten post challenge:

*Post 1 - 10 secrets
*Post 2 - 9 loves
*Post 3 - 8 fears
*Post 4 - 7 wants
*Post 5 - 6 places
*Post 6 - 5 foods
*Post 7 - 4 books
*Post 8 - 3 films
*Post 9 - 2 songs
*Post 10 - 1 picture

This is the second part of post 1, items 6 to 10. Do read on:

6) I'm an old soul hence I always put in the writing sites that I join that I'm 99 years old. Not that into trying new things. I'm into that but there is a difference between something new, something novel, and something downright stupid. I prefer to do something new and something novel... I prefer to do something stupid when no one is looking... and no, I'm not 99 years old.

7) I'm a realist. Although, most of the time, I'm pessimistic about my life, I'm actually the person who would ensure that things go smoothly for family, loved ones, and friends. Damn my own ambition, wants, and happiness!!!

8) I curse a lot!!!

9) I love talking about myself and my own selfish ambitions.

10) I.LIE.A.LOT.

Well, that 's about it!!! My apologies as I cannot return to you the time that you spent reading this. LOL!!!


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CoralLevang wrote on March 29, 2015, 1:56 PM

Sounds like a great challenge. Perhaps I shall work on this.