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Ten Things About Me - Part 1

Here's another challenge for you folks!!!

I remember doing this back in the site that will not be named. In case you want to join, it is a ten post challenge and each post for a has a specific topic. Here are the ten topics for each post:

*Post 1 - 10 secrets
*Post 2 - 9 loves
*Post 3 - 8 fears
*Post 4 - 7 wants
*Post 5 - 6 places
*Post 6 - 5 foods
*Post 7 - 4 books
*Post 8 - 3 films
*Post 9 - 2 songs
*Post 10 - 1 picture

Now, for those who don't have the time to make ten posts a day, you can opt to do this challenge one post per day. With me trying to make up for those three days that I didn't post, this will certainly help me out in my &100PostChallenge for March. This is post 1 so I'm sharing ten secrets about me. I can tell you ten secrets but then I have to kill you ten times over as well (I'm kidding.. I'm kidding!!!). So instead, I'll share ten things (not exactly secrets) about me. I'm doing this challenge in two posts, just because I can. LOL!!!

Read on:

1) I'm into sports capping and sports betting. I do not want to make it appear that I'm good at this or that I can live off with my winnings but sometimes I think just that and I do get away with it!!! LOL!!! Anyway, I do cap games and I do bet on these games. I do want to be that guy that makes a bet and moves lines but no, I'm not that guy. I'm the guy that looks at numbers, stats, situations, and all sorts of other things and makes a bet and then silently says a prayer to the gambling gods for my dime bets to win.

2) I don't eat bananas. I can blend these and drink it as a shake but for the life of me I can't eat these! I blame it on our pet monkey that doesn't practice proper banana eating etiquette.

3) I love sports jerseys... basketball, soccer, football... regardless and if I had my way, I'd wear jerseys everyday in the week and twice on Saturday and Sunday. I know... grown men aren't suppose to wear jerseys unless they are in a sporting event but who says grown men should act maturely... LOL!!!

4) I used to write short stories, poems, and the like. I doubt if i can do so now without my pessimism and all around negativity getting the best of me. So I'm sparing everyone else and I've since not wrote any literary junk.

5) I'm into a lot of repurposing and regifting. It is a skill and it takes alot of practice to perfect the art.

That's about it. Next five things about me will be in another post.


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