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Do you ever have those weeks when nothing seems to go right? I know we all gripe about having "one of those days", but sometimes ours can stretch out over a week.

Ours started last Saturday when my brother told me he and his family weren't coming here from NJ for the Easter holiday. He felt since I've not been feeling well since my surgery that they would postpone it until I was up to par and regained some strength. I understand, I really do, but still was so looking forward to it. The last time our families were altogether was almost 4 years ago, when my beloved 18 year old grandson died. Big disappointment for family here in WV.

Sunday, we were informed about the death of a friend. Well, more my husband's than mine. I never knew him well, but hubby has known him for years. The guy was only in his early 50's, although not in the best of health.

Monday we discovered our 1 year old pool cover had a big tear in the middle, but the lining also must have some leaks since today there's hardly a drop in it!

Tuesday, our hot water tank sprung a leak, soaking some carpet and padding which adjoins the area the tank is in. Some other things got wet in the storage area, most nothing to weep over. Except one end of a painting I had done some years ago. I managed to get it dry and now have two very heavy antique irons weighting down the warped part.

Yesterday was the unpleasantness during my post-op. This morning, hubby's sister passed away from congestive heart failure.

We're both just worn out and rather depressed at this point. Sure hope next week finds us in better spirits, but to anyone who stops by today, we wish you a great weekend.

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CoralLevang wrote on March 27, 2015, 2:57 PM

I am so sorry to hear of the onslaught of situations that zap the energy from you. Such struggle and grief for you this week.
Know that there are some who are wrapping their arms around you from across the country, in hopes it offers you some solace.

Perhaps, you can talk this frankly to your brother and let him know that it is far better to have him come now, as you simply want to see him. We must do things in the moment, as there never is a "good time."

wolfgirl569 wrote on March 27, 2015, 6:53 PM

I am so sorry to hear all that happening at one time. I will be thinking of you and your husband and hoping for better days

Fleur wrote on April 5, 2015, 6:38 PM

Boy what a week! Surely you are all due some good news and happy events soon!

VinceSummers wrote on October 30, 2017, 10:51 AM

It's been a bad year for us, as well, though this year is 2017.