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Removals and Cleaning, you say? That'll be Clean&Clean

Clean&Clean , based in , do just that. The company provides an end of tenancy service. But, in the immortal words of the well-known advert: 'this is not just...' ...a cleaning service.

The firm also offers removals, deep cleans and cleaning. So their specialist end of cleaning package is accompanied by all the other services necessary to ensure a tenant's deposit is returned.

Clean&Clean are different from many other cleaning companies because they don't use contractors. All their employees are directly employed by the firm, fully trained and insured to guarantee the quality of their service. Clean&Clean 's specialist end of tenancy cleaning will tackle all the areas of cleaning tenants either didn't want to undertake themselves or simply never managed to finish. Their staff will get to grips with filthy bathrooms, grubby ovens, cobwebby corners and more. Dust and limescale don't stand a chance when faced with the might of a fully trained, determined Clean&Clean end of tenancy cleaning. landlords know that when they need a deep clean after withholding a messy former tenant's deposit, Clean&Clean will do the job. They might not be the cheapest cleaning company on the market, but they are one of the best.

End of tenancy cleaning is a growing market, especially as properties is the only way many people can afford to move away from their parents these days. Because Clean&Clean offer additional removal and cleaning services as well as end of tenancy cleaning, London and landlords know that they will benefit from a complete service. The removal team will clear the furniture and then the cleaning team will come in immediately afterwards to finish the job, leaving the rental property sparkling and fresh for the next tenant.

Discounts are on offer for booking multiple jobs together, and the flat rate quoted on the website is what the tenant will pay. There are no hidden charges and evening bookings are available, as are weekend or Bank Holiday bookings at no extra cost.

For an easy and seamless removal and complete end of tenancy cleaning, London tenants should at least consider Clean&Clean . The cost is likely to be less than an average deposit, while Clean&Clean 's extended guarantee ensures a return visit free of charge if any problems are found. There doesn’t seem to be any way for a landlord to refuse to return a deposit with a company like this at hand. Tenants all over London have been happily recommending Clean&Clean since 2006, and with the killer combination of affordable prices and top-notch work, it is no surprise.

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MelissaE wrote on March 26, 2015, 6:30 PM

This is a very well written review. I'm assuming you used them to clean your rental property.

Alexandoy wrote on March 26, 2015, 10:02 PM

This post reminds me of Electrolux, the expensive vacuum cleaner of the olden times.

HappyLady wrote on March 27, 2015, 2:57 AM

I have a friend doing the sane in Oxford. It does seem to be a good business to go into.

AliCanary wrote on March 27, 2015, 1:28 PM

Whenever I think of deep cleaning and British people, I always remember that awesome show I used to watch on BBC called How Clean is Your House? Those women were so great, and those houses were super horrifying!