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Grades printing

As of this moment, I am now busy printing of grades of my students in Philippine Literature. Although, there are still four of them who still had a problem but still I am going to wait for them because two of them promised to complete the requirements before the end of the day. No idea, if they can complete it so, my action is to print a complete with their grades even the students with incomplete requirements. I also prints grades without their grades, so that if they cannot accomplish their requirements at the end of the day. Actually, all of them have grades already but since the policy of the school is must be fully paid in statement of accounts. Four of them are not yet done. In view of that, I have to wait for them to pay.

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crowntower wrote on March 23, 2015, 6:38 AM

I hope they can pay the school so their grades will be printed out, but even if they can't for this years... I know the school should cater them until they graduated, and give their diplomas after they paid all of their debts. That's what happen to someone I know.