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Sweet Aliya turns sweeter

Aliyah has the sweet ring to it. Music to the ever longing ears to hear ''Aliya'' sing in the Eastern horizon. A word, a vision cherished for thousands generations. The very heart and soul of a people who had no home-country of refuge-- to be strong and defend themselves and BE themselves-- the ancient people of Israel, the Jews. Aliya, derived from a Hebrew word, ''the return of the Jews to the Land of Israel.''

Why is Aliyah a desirable quest among the Jews in France? Is it because of the escalating violence of antisemitism all over Europe and in the world?

In the recent news, French Jewish elite society, with Chief Rabbi Korsia, believe that ''Aliya should never be the result of fear, but only of an internal calling.'' These Jewish men, supposedly supporters and recipients of prophetic Aliyah of the Jews to return to their homeland, Israel, were applauded for their campaign in France to stay and ''find their place'' in the world. I think they are standing in the way of more French Jews immigrating to Israel. Upon reelected PM Benjamin Netanyahu's warm and loving invitation for the French Jews' return, 7,230 have already emigrated in 2014. And 15,000 more are foreseen to return to Israel in 2015.

Israel has become a state in 1948. Israel, the beloved home of freedom, democracy and peace. The Jews were scattered in the 'Diaspora' to all parts of the earth from Judah, since Jerusalem's destruction in 70 AD-- more than 2000 years ago. Now, in our time. we have been hinted of the prophetic Aliya-- the return of the Jews has never been sweeter and blessed. As promised.

Looking on into the Jewish affairs and sad history, as a non-Jew, I would still trade places with them. I wish to hear and see that ''internal calling'' of Aliya to live in Israel and be a significant sweet part of the Jewish life. The Jews who have entered into Israel for good to ''bless all the families of the earth''. Genesis 12 evidences this.

Something eternal is in store for them and for the entire world.

What is your opinion on this? I'm open to hear it.

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BarbRad wrote on March 22, 2015, 2:48 PM

Although as a non-Jew I have no desire to emigrate to Israel, I do pray for Israel, and I'm glad it is there for all Jews who want to emigrate. it is wonderful that those who emigrate to Israel have a desire in their hearts to help build and defend it. I wish those entering the USA had that same desire.