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Bad Dreams

I normally don't think or worry much about my . As weird as they may be, I usually can just dismiss them as fantastical nonsense, or a reflection of direct personal stress I'm going through.

But last night I had a dream that has left me in a bad/sour mood all day. I know it was ridiculous and not something I should worry about. But it involved some personal situations and people in my life, and sort of all my worst fears about them made manifest.

That I made some very wrong decisions in my life. That a person I love and thought I could rely on would betray me, over the reason I have a lot of insecurities to begin with.

It was awful, one of those dreams I couldn't just wash away or forget as soon as I woke up. I wish I knew what it meant; was it some kind of warning? Was it simply too much stress and anxiety manifesting in horrible fears? I don't know and I wish I had some better answers.

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crowntower wrote on March 20, 2015, 9:26 PM

i don't know.. all I know is that you keep on praying, and besides we can't be really be sure if it is true, and hopefully it is not true, I always dream of a dog biting me or attacking me, and I hate it, until I have dream of killing the dogs one time. God bless.