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About to be a long day

So today is about to be super busy. I just had to check out equipment for a filming I am doing tonight. Then now I have to study for a test I'm about to take in 3 hours. Then after that I have an hour to kill (will probably work on homework due next week).

Then I'll have a meeting with my advisor to discuss my plans to graduate a semester early and make sure I am right on track. Then after that I am helping some friends film a package for our student-run talk show. After that I will finally be able to go home where I will have to go out, get a couple pizzas, and start setting up my apartment for filming. I'll also have to text people to make sure I'll at least have a couple extras in the background to make the scene look like a party.

THEN after all that, I want to go to a party my old friends from last year are throwing. I haven't seen them in ages so I really hope on going and catching up.

And that's the plan for the day! I feel like I need a secretary for today.

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crowntower wrote on March 20, 2015, 2:54 PM

Lol! Can I apply for it? I am jobless so I might get the opportunity to apply as your secretary for the day... heheheh... what is your course, why do you need to film something? I guess whatever you are doing.. tiring.. it might seem but I think it is so cool including the film making... Hhahahaha. God bless.