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Work All Day and Test to Study

So today I had work from 9:30 to 4:30. Longest shift I have had in a while! Then tonight I need to study for a test I have tomorrow :O I've barely started.

It's 4 short answer questions and she already gives us the questions, it's just trying to remember the long answers and definitions and examples that gets me. Some of it is more opinion-based so a couple parts should be easy enough to go off on my own little rant but it's the parts I'm unfamiliar with that get me. I just really need to look over those parts.

The hard thing about it all though is actual studying! I am so unmotivated! I have had the study guide all week and only started working on it yesterday because I could just care less about it. Plus I have been super busy social-life wise so I didn't have much time in between socializing and classes. Then when I get home I hop onto the computer to check on a couple things (telling myself I'll get to the studying right after I look at a couple things) but then that turns into Netflix and before I know it it is time for bed!

I just need some motivation and a way to get away from the computer for more than 30 minutes while home!

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