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What is really the best accompaniment for French Fries?

I am supposed to have written these a week back but I have ben having issues with my network and electricity, yes! Electricity... That will be weird if you are living in the developed countries because that doesn't happen at all. Anyway, back to business. I call it 'Chips' but it is mostly known world wide as French Fries. The almighty french fries is my favourite meal, snack or side dish at anytime of the day love it so much especially if it is crispy and hot. Few years back, when I was in high school in Iowa, USA- I remember having to join that long queue just to enjoy the pleasure of burger with french fries. As I am back to my home country, having a burger or preparing one is quite a hustle and expensive as compared to the french fries. Apart from the normal ketchup with a other different sauces used as top dressing for the french fries, I use a variety of other accompaniment. Basically, I have eaten french fries with noodles(cooked with a lot of spice), fried plaintain and fried eggs and of course, it was delicious. Right now, I would love to try some new condiment to this great deep fried potatoes chips. It does not matter from what continent as far as it is tasty. I would so appreciate it if someone would give me a hint to his or her experience to this wonderful combination and of new condiments to try with my french fries.Waiting...

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LeaPea2417 wrote on December 14, 2015, 6:34 PM

You could try hot sauce on french fries. I also heard a friend of my son's who dipped his french fries in mayonnaise. He claimed to like that.