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We Ordered Our WWE SummerSlam Tickets!

I am a few days late, and I did mention it in passing in a post and comment, but I wanted to make an actual post on this…


I sent the money to one of my best friends, whom I am going to the event with, a few weeks ago. There were two presales and we couldn’t pull up tickets for either of them. Like most events, only a certain amount of tickets are released for the presales. The regular sale was on Saturday, March 14th, and we still had issues. It came down to this: one of my best friends and I will be sitting together; one of our best friends and her Mother will be sitting together. Yeah, we really had THAT much trouble pulling up four seats together. :( We’ll be doing everything else together though.

But anyways. My friend and I wound up getting our tickets through StubHub, as they were pretty much sold out on Ticketmaster. We have used StubHub before so it’s all good. We did have to pay a bit extra (I’m not getting into that), but at least we’re going.

SummerSlam WAS going to be at the Izod Center, but that arena is closing down, so it will be at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, NY instead. Here is a link to the seating chart, and this is NOT my image, it’s just a link…

WWE SummerSlam Seating Chart (Barclay's Center)

We are in section 114, so that’s not bad at all! I am sure I will be bringing my Randy Orton “Viper Time” sign along for the ride. :)

Now we just need the details on Raw the night after. I am hoping it’s announced in advance, but tickets do NOT go on sale yet. We are trying for ringside seats, so we all need a little more time to save up. :)

I am very excited to attend my first -and probably only at this rate (it may be going back to LA next year)- WWE SummerSlam event. :D

Image Credit » I made this Wrestling Fan graphic on PhotoImpact 6. I made it for another website, but hey, it works on here too. ;)

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