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The Persistent Door to Door Salespeople

By the dark age some people are a riot and a half at times in this life. You have a quiet morning, afternoon and just near the end of the afternoon you hear a doorbell. I had no idea who the heck it was at the door so I ignored it. Wasn't anyone I knew or recognized and then here's another "ding dong" at the door. It was two people just standing at the door ringing it over and over again. It was obnoxious and started to get to the point of being hilarious. Seriously, just why in the world would you keep ringing a doorbell if no one is answering? If it's no one they know or have had any dealings with, why would you ring the darned bell? I figured they were salespeople too as one of them had a clipboard of sorts. Maybe they were doing a survey but usually if they're that persistent they're salespeople of some sort. They will go to no end to try and get that sale but not to this point. They were ringing that bell to point of things getting downright funny.

It was just before dinner too which made it even more obnoxious. Just looking for some quiet time and hey kids time to ring the doorbell on overdrive and see what magic happens! Oh door to door salespeople, your efforts were for naught but at least you made for an amusing tale on a quiet Thursday.

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allen0187 wrote on March 12, 2015, 11:29 PM

That is sort of funny. Annoying but funny! I would have yelled at them or brandish some sort of gun or weapon so they leave my doorstep! LOL!