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Pacquiao-Dela Hoya Fight - A TBT Post

With all that coverage about the May 2nd fight between Floyd 'Money' Mayweather and Manny 'The Pacman' Pacquiao, I figured I'll put up a throwback post when Manny Pacquiao defeated 'The Golden Boy' Oscar Dela Hoya.

Dela Hoya closed as a 2-1 favorite for the fight. De La Hoya is minus 200 and Pacquiao is plus 170. In betting terms, one needs to pay $200 on Dela Hoya to win $100 while a $100 bet om PAcquiao will net a $170 profit. The over-under was set at 9 1/2 rounds. Pacquiao had a slight weight advantage that night. On the unofficial HBO scales, he weighed at 148 1/2 pounds and De La Hoya was 147 pounds.

De La Hoya is the aggressor early on but nothing lands for him in the early goings of the fight. The hand speed of Manny Pacquiao is too much for Dela Hoya. For every one punch the Dela Hoya throws, Pacquiao answers with a three punch combination. Dela Hoya's face turns red from all the punches that Pacquiao throws. Pacman's body punches also connect and multiple times in the fight, Pacquiao was able to cut the ring and pin Dela Hoya in a corner.

By the third round, it is obvious that Pacquiao can win this fight unless he is knocked out cold by Dela Hoya. The fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh round all belong to Pacquiao. The eight round was too hard to watch if you were part of Dela Hoya's corner. Dela Hoya had enough and decides not to come out for the ninth round.

Official ruling f the fight was an eight round TKO win for Manny Pacquiao!

Question is, will the same fate happen to Mayweather???

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