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Being Pharell

Must be the result of listening to 'Happy' the whole morning during my run. I found myself looking for pictures of Pharrell online. Not that it is a hard thing to do. Just trying to jack the style of the guy. The man looks good in anything and everything. On the red carpet. While dancing with Meryll Streep. With that big red funny hat. On the road. In his music videos. Man!!!

Anyway, not that I don't have a style of my own. It's just that style evolves. It changes like the seasons. It changes like the person. I've always been comfortable in shirt and jeans. In jerseys. In my workout gear. In a nice crisp suit.

So, yeah, I'm looking at what he wears and how he wears it. I'll have a look at what I have and how I can wear it similarly like how Pharrell does. Sounds like a plan. I'll just stay away from the crazy prints that he wears. LOL!

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