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Talking to one another is crucial to the survival of any relationship. However, not just any communication but positive communication. Before you engage in any kind of communication you need to know that you have a voice in the relationship. Too often either the husband or wife or other significant other , is afraid to speak up and say what they want what they need and what they think needs improving.

You may well have a long or short lonely relationship or it could be tumultuous one if you don't communicate effectively. Find ways to say what you want to say in a positive light. Instead of accusing by saying "you don't love me" What you really need to say is "I would feel a lot more loved if--." Having a screaming or shouting match is not communicating period since everything gets lost and no one is really listening to the other one.

When there are disagreements, the tendency is to want to hurt the other person and end up making them feel inadequate and diminished in some respects. Remember to stick to the issue at hand and be clear about what you want or what your needs are. You are allowed to speak your mind and so is the other party in the relationship. Be open to listening to the other side even though you may have already made up your mind and avoid being too judgemental.

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allen0187 wrote on March 12, 2015, 9:57 PM

Communication is indeed the key to a successful and lasting relationship. Most people overlook this and are then surprised why the relationship didn't work out.