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Marine Stinger Energy Imprint - Healing without drugs

Blessed are those who live near the water, I am one such person and I merge with the spirit of the ocean as often as I can. I am thrilled by the feeling of freedom that courses through me when I enter the water and become one with the waves.

This past Saturday, along with my very handsome and strong boyfriend, I became a water sprite once again. Temperatures around the Gold Coast, Australia, have soared of late and the water was an enticing entity which neither of us could resist. We frolicked, splashed, laughed, touched, kissed, dived and were one with each other.

At one point, I became overwhelmed with a sense of an impending message. I turned to my beau and said "I feel as though I am going to meet a sea creature soon. I don't want to meet it, but I need the message it has to share." I think it freaked him out as much as it disturbed me to feel it.

We continued to swim and I forgot the feeling for a couple of days.

On Tuesday, I drove down on a date with my man and once again we headed into the blue expanse of the ocean. Holding hands, we strolled along the soft beach and eventually dove amongst the waves once more. I became overwhelmed with excruciating pain along my arm, across my stomach and down my back. I asked my partner if I had anything on my back, he responded by sweeping a blue bottle off my skin. A blue bottle is a marine stinger with long tentacles that cause intense pain, they show up at the beaches in Australia when the wind blows onto the beach from the north east.

I left the water and went straight to the lifeguards who were on duty on the beach, the instructions were to have a shower and wash the sting off. Having just completed a first aid course, I knew that I was supposed to use warm water, there was none around.

I scratched and wriggled inside my skin in complete discomfort. I eventually realised that I needed to stop and focus the pain away.

I stood in full sunshine, pressed my fingers together in front of my abdomen and focused completely on the pain. I immersed myself in every inch of the hurt. Then I had a realisation that the feelings were a memory of the sting, they were not the sting itself. As soon as I tapped into that thought, the pain actually disappeared. I flooded my body with white healing light and could sense the large red welts subside as I moved the light around my body.

As I stood basking in my body's ability to heal, I had another realisation. This was the sea creature I was destined to meet, the message I was intended to hear was that any pain I was feeling was all just a memory, it wasn't happening to me at that time, it was all just feelings from a memory.

This is now an ideal which I hope to incorporate into my day to day life.

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Hollyhocks100 wrote on March 16, 2015, 10:57 AM

Wow, you really are into spirituality in a big way and it works for you. I must try your way of dealing with pain.