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Ragna SS: Anyone can fall in love anytime Chapter 52b

Chapter 52b:


Kalpana kneels down and cups Bunty’s face. She does not know how to express her feelings and pain for the small boy of 7 years. She goes through series of emotions and remembers the day when she lost her own dad when she was just 8 years old.

The boy continues saying “That is why I don’t get scared of anything and not even death. If anything happens to me as well, I will take what God has decided for me and not repent. When you were getting scare in the flight, I told you too the same that you should not get scared of what you are going to lose but you should appreciate what you have today.”

Tears form in Kalpana’s eyes and are about to fall on her cheek when Bunty wipes the tears saying “Please don’t cry. I don’t like when anyone cries for me. I am happy with what I have got today. Such wonderful parents, friends and now you too are my friend.” He holds her cheeks and says “So smile now.”

Kalpana smiles and touches his forehead saying “How can this small brain think so much?”

Bunty’s mom says “Sometimes even I get surprised when he consoles me saying that everything will be fine and I need to be courageous. He looks after me always instead of me looking after him.” She starts crying and Bunty and his dad try to console her.

“Oh mom, you too. Why do girls cry so much?” He hits his forehead and Kalpana holds his shoulders and pinches his nose saying “Because of boys. They always keep taunting and playing pranks on girls causing us to cry so much. Just like my stupid husband Raghav.”

Disclaimer: The character names in the story are fictional characters and owned by the creators of the show "Ek Mutthi Asmaan" on ZEE TV.

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