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Don't let the choir robes fool you!

We are living in a day where believers in Christ need to be more aware. AN example: During a previous Superbowl, Madonna and C Lo Green sang "Like A Prayer" with a choir as backup. Millions clapped and sang along to what seemed to be "religious, " because choir robes imply the Christian church, but this may be a deception. Some believe Like A Praye r is actually about Madonna down on her knees, not praying, but performing a sex act.

This is a time for strong discernment, and seeing with the spirit and not with our physical eyes. This song and video should be a warning to not let choir robes or other outward church symbols fool us. Just because you enter a building and see all the trappings, does not mean it is a true hosue of worship for Jesus Christ. he Himself said not everyone who calls His Name will enter the kingdom. Much of what comes from the entertainment industry today is questionable. Some say Katy Perry did an actual witchcraft ritual during a grammy performance.

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