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Lewis Jackson: Social Media Manager

is an integral part of business success today. For a smaller business it may be the sole means of apart from the company website, and it can be quite time consuming to stay up to date with trends and keep all the various platforms up to date. Traditional advertising can prove relatively expensive for a small company, pay-per-click campaigns may be hit and miss, and so it's easier and cheaper to advertise a company via social media. Many potential customers expect firms to have a social media presence, a website and email these days as well as telephone and postal contacts, after all.

That's where social media managers like Lewis Jackson come in. Lewis gained a degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Harding University, Arkansas, USA, before spending much of the next few years travelling while earning by running businesses online. It is no surprise that after learning on the job himself, he has chosen to specialize in social media and unique campaigns.

Currently based in the UK, Lewis has clients all over the world, including rapper Rick Fury and You Tube favorite Gracie Opulanza. He offers a full range of social media management services, comprising website design and management, social media optimization, content creation and graphics.

For a company or individual, a website is an online shop window. Get this wrong, and customers will leave quicker than they can be found. There has to be a fine mix of ease of use, up-to-date words and images, an e-commerce plug-in that works and catchy graphics. In short, a website has to be managed, trends and sales have to be monitored and reaction to customer feedback should be prompt.

Social media is increasingly important; if the company does not have a Facebook page or Twitter feed, they will lose chances to interact with potential as well as existing . It is often said these days that the younger generation are used to an always-on society. Shops are open 24-7, emergency departments likewise. There is always someone online somewhere in the world at any time. A company's social media feed needs to reflect this, and a carefully scheduled feed can help firms maximize sales in all time zones and countries, even when the owners are asleep. One of Lewis's unique digital marketing could be just the ticket to help a firm on the way to success.

The younger generation is not only always engaged, it is very visual. Whereas older people end to read, younger people tend to watch. They prefer videos over written articles and streaming on demand rather than structured schedules. Graphics are very important to the generation, images which grab the eye and hold the attention.

A social media manager like Lewis Jackson can help optimize an organization's output in all of these areas. In particular, Lewis offers an all-round service which encompasses the website, the social media and the graphics used by any company. This means that the same viewpoint will come through in all areas, presenting a unified, organized and coherent brand to customers.

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This is Guiness the Cat. I wonder if he ever takes on cute kitty clients pro bono.