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Movie Review: Mercy Rule

The movie Mercy Rule is actually a pretty good film. The movie presents two family centered problems in an interesting and intriguing manner. A young little league player's learns about himself and teamwork via both experience and guidance from his family. His dad faces grave business problems. Both father and son come to understand that one cannot face problems alone.

The first half of the movie is serious drama and the second half is laced with a lot of humor. I liked the way the father's problems are juxtaposed with his son's problems. When you see the credits on the screen, don't turn off the movie because there's lots more stuff presented during and after the credits.

The movie is a bit preachy, but not in an irritating way. The political leanings are a bit biased, but the intent of the movie is not to make a political statement.

The only criticism I have is that the narrative of any movie should tell the viewer things that the viewer will not learn in any other way. The first part of Mercy Rule contains some unnecessary narration that the viewer would learn without that narration. This is not a really big flaw. However it deserves mentioning.

This is definitely a family film worth seeing. The whole family will enjoy it. It is not a religiously preachy movie at all, but it has a good moral message. My wife and I enjoyed it and recommend it.

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