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Dear Me (Advice for my Younger Self)

I have seen this craze in Google and YouTube earlier and since I have nothing left to do here in the office, I have thought of writing to my younger self.

Dear Me,

Well you should not be in too much hurry to grow up and age. Believe me, once you've reached my age (25, turning 26 in less than a month) you can only wish that you were 18 again. *Sigh*

Just take your time, enjoy every bits of second that you are young but please lessen your alcohol intake - opt for margarita and tequila instead of beer because it will just make your tummy bigger; and don't ever join Lloyd and Daniel once they ask you to cut your Calculus class!

Finish your course and don't think that you wouldn't need that diploma. Yes, the business process outsource industry offers a salary that would tempt you but again, don't be in such a hurry in earning your own money. take advantage of your allowance provided by Papa and Mama because you don't have to work for it!

Let your brothers know how important it is that they take Math seriously and to NOT cut their classes.

Lastly, take extra care of Mama and Papa. Remind them constantly to watch their diet and be mindful of their health- Papa's high blood pressure and Mama's cholesterol level and her kidney too!

Please take my letter seriously. Trust me, I'm telling you all these because I want you to live a better a life. Stay positive and strong!

Your 25 year-old self

So what would you tell your younger self? You can use the keyword to join in the fun!

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Kungfu123 wrote on March 7, 2015, 10:02 PM

Interesting. Sometimes when I thought of the experience I had, I also want to write something to myself.

cheri wrote on March 8, 2015, 4:31 AM

I would also like to give some pieces of advice to my younger self. I guess I have to post for this. Thanks for the idea.

rana199426 wrote on March 8, 2015, 11:06 AM

Advice for your younger self? Hmm, sounds weird but cool.

pinkCardigangirl wrote on March 8, 2015, 10:13 PM

Now you have me thinking about what I would write to myself. I have a feeling that it would be a long list! Not cutting class would be one of them too! lol

MommyCharm wrote on March 9, 2015, 11:09 PM

pinkCardigangirl I guess almost every student has an experience of cutting one or two classes back in school. lol :)

MommyCharm wrote on March 9, 2015, 11:11 PM

cheri go right ahead. it just feels good (for me, somehow) to be able to express my could have beens if I had been this and that. :) I'll be looking forward to your own letter

pinkCardigangirl wrote on March 9, 2015, 11:21 PM

Mine was always Math! lol

trufflehunter wrote on March 10, 2015, 11:57 PM

I believe my list would be too long and might need several pages here.

allen0187 wrote on March 11, 2015, 1:07 AM

This is a lovely written letter. I'm sure your younger self would love to hear read this letter. If only such is the case eh?

ViperGirl85 wrote on March 12, 2015, 2:55 PM

Hmmm. I used to get picked on in middle school, so I'd let myself know that it doesn't last forever and you wind up making some great friends later in life! :)

MommyCharm wrote on March 12, 2015, 10:13 PM

nice advice :)