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drunk at work

discussion subject says it all. this is connection to my earlier post, . i remember last time i was drunk at work like it was yesterday! was reading a lot of non-sense online, espn, yahoo sports, twitter, brobible, 9gag ... you know, that kind of stuff.
i was in really early but feigned a computer problem so didn't actually log in my station at 10:30 ish. didn't do much in the first 30 minutes but just pretend that my roaming profile didn't load properly and i have to 'set up' my profile from scratch. lol! yes, i was a sneaky devil that was putting one over my boss, my company, and my co-workers. just wanted to get everyone's thoughts about coming in to work drunk. it is nothing to be proud of but i do it anyways.
i went out drinking with the boss the previous night plus some company bigwigs. actually had the option of not reporting for work that day and say i was on 'official business' until 5:00 am but decided to be such a trooper. well, that was the plan. lol!
of course, the boss and the company bigwigs were nowhere to be seen. my boss texted me at around 7:00 am saying he will come in after lunch. i didn't hold my breath for it. i smelled like i bathed in tub full of beer, tequila, vodka, rum, with scotch thrown in during that day. not much of a mixer when it comes to drinks but that night was an exception. gotta love it when you move up the corporate ladder... gives a good excuse for everyone who matters in the company to go out drinking and not come in the office the next day. lol!
why, hello there HANGOVER! fancy seeing you on a hot friday afternoon. i shut it down after awhile and walked the feeling off. i was never so thankful for a mug of ice cold water.

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MelissaE wrote on March 7, 2015, 8:59 PM

Oh my, I'm not sure what to say. Are you okay with this? I'm going to read some of your other posts to wrap my brain around it.

MommyCharm wrote on March 7, 2015, 9:14 PM

I don't know if my experience would count as coming in to work drunk but years ago, when hubby and I was still working the graveyard shift, we went out drinking from 2PM until almost 11 PM and our next shift starts at 4AM (less than five hours away). We only had less than three hours of sleep before we report again for work and yes, our manager can smell beer oozing from our bods!