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Discovered a couple of FitBit Charge HR features today

I was reading about my new FitBit Charge HR this afternoon and discovered a couple of features that I didn't know about.

The first was the ability for the FitBit to display a Caller ID when someone is calling your smart phone. I was initially unimpressed by this feature but, after thinking about it, I realized that it actually could be very handy when I am in another room or in the middle of something at work and my phone rings. It will be simple to quickly see who is calling and if I need to stop what I'm doing to answer the call.

The second thing I learned today was that you can change what is immediately displayed when you tap the front of the band. The default setting was for the device to show the time but, as someone with panic and anxiety issues, it is more useful for me to have it immediately show my heart rate. It was easy to make the switch once I knew it could be done.

I've had my FitBit Charge HR for just over a week now and I've really been enjoying using it. It was great to learn more about it today. I can't wait to see what I learn about it next week!

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