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The grand Circle, Mirrors of time

a few years ago, i wrote a bunch of notes on facebook, i made private, but recently i started looking through them and though i'd share them with you, originally the notes were written in spanish so excuse the translation errors that it might have :D hope you enjoy it emoticon :grin:

What’s this power we give the past, to affect us so deeply? Is it maybe because we look in it clues about what the future holds for us or at least try to find a specific future?

This nearly crippling curiosity keeps us looking at the past in search of answers to questions we ask ourselves every day, questions which answers are not in the past but in the present, answers we get once we stop living in the past and realize this is not more than a chronicles of how we have come to this present, a present that is just the foundation to our future, that will ultimately will end up in the past.

Perhaps this is the root of our curiosity for the past, it gives us a look of what our future will end up once its relegated to the past and all thats left are our actions reflected on the mirrors of time, being watched by those once again looking for answers about their future in the mirrors of past, a vicious circle that will only end once there nobody else looking at the other side of the mirror.

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gpeter15 wrote on June 10, 2014, 6:32 PM

All I know that we are the consequence of our past. We must live in present, but cannot get rid of our past totally.

Juandicv wrote on June 10, 2014, 11:45 PM

yes ,, ;D but we can look at out past for guidance into whats to come basing on our present