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sleepless in manila

no this isn't a rip off of the classic love story 'sleeples in seattle'. if you are expecting that, stop reading right now.

still there? good,so apparently, more and more filipinos are working the graveyard shift. the jobs range from being a security guard, to beign part of the police force, and military, to being part of the medical field as a doctor or nurse. of course, there are the countless and countless of call center agents in this statistic. this is of course expected with the continued growth of the bpo industry and the availability of work at home jobs and projects. with europe and america as main sources of clients, it is not surprising to see the number of graveyard workers double or triple the number. i remember that one of the reasons why i didn't want to work at a call center was because of the ungodly hours of work. eventually, i was able to adjust but i miss sleeping at regular hours terribly!!! to stay up at night, i would often consume energy drinks but eventually i got used to staying up at night and be productive (or at least pretend to be awake and pretend to be productive! lol!) to sleep at day was also a challenge, i had to resort to drinking hot milk (old wive's tale) or counting sheep (which was a bore) or drinking vodka (which is my favorite) to get some much needed zzzzzzzzzz's.

of course, the premium pay is the main advantage of working the graveyard shift but i personally think that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. you put yourself at risk, you put your health at risk, and basically, you don't get enough time for yourself and for your family. so my fellow PPers who work he night shift, my questions are:

*how long did it take for you guys and girls to get comfortable working the graveyard shift?

*what did you do to stay up at awake during those nights?

*what did you do to get your sleep during the day?

*honestly, do you think working the graveyard is worth all the hassle considering the financial rewards it offers?

feel free to chime in friends.

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FernandoSHA wrote on March 5, 2015, 10:40 PM

For lack of job openings for their chosen career, many of our professional nurses (new graduates) have resorted to working in the call centers. It's a big job mismatch except when the call center is one that handles medical transcription.

BodieMor wrote on March 5, 2015, 10:42 PM

From all the holistic health articles I've read, I've learned that nightshifts truly do wreak havoc on workers' health. Evidently, the best sleep you get is from 11pm til 3 am... But you still need the extra hours before or after that for your body to do the necessary work regenerating your cells...

cheri wrote on March 5, 2015, 11:01 PM

Sometimes people are given limited options when it comes to finding work which offers decent pay at the cost of their health.

crowntower wrote on March 6, 2015, 1:06 AM

Lol! funny but true. But I agree... it does not matter if we got an increase salary in taking graveyard shift if it is not enough if we got confined to the hospital, due to the health risk of staying up all night. Before I work in a graveyard shift and rest on the next day.. 33 hours is not enough for us to complete and complex account.

It takes me a week before I can adapt. I just drink the coffee shake at the mini stop, it keeps me awake for more hours, than the free coffee in the pantry. God bless.

glade wrote on March 6, 2015, 5:42 AM

i used to work in the BPO industry back there too, wow! those were the days. :)