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Long Haired Lucy

We have three cats, Toby I have already written about, Minnie a cat who prefers to be out all day and on our bed at night, and Lucy who prefers to be in most of the day and night. It is Lucy I would like to introduce you to in this article.

Lucy was a beautiful long haired kitten who grew into a very big cat. We knew her family history, having been around when her grandmother, a small tabby, produced her first litter and Lucy’s mother was one of those kittens, they were all long haired and very pretty. The cat had mated with a massive long haired white cat, it looked like some kind of a breed, certainly not an alley cat. Lucy’s mother was long haired and jet black.

Lucy has some of those grandfather genes, she is very long haired, with white legs and chest and an amazingly long tail, which she waves like a flag. She has a long black streak down her back but her coat is tabby.

In many ways Lucy reminds me of a rag doll cat. She is placid and even when removed from my chair she simply goes back to sleep wherever I put her. She is very vocal, especially when food is around and she is very companionable, rather like a dog in this respect. When I am in my office she is on my chair, when I am in the lounge she is on the sofa. The only problem is that she moults more than any of the other cats, but then she has twice as much fur.

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wolfgirl569 wrote on March 5, 2015, 5:59 PM

I love long haired cats but dont have one right now. May try to get a new kitten this summer.