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Tired of being strong

She is tired, very tired from being strong, from daily effort to fight for herself and her life... But she is a woman and she can be strong when life sometimes makes her to become such... Looking at the past, one can be amazed over herself - how she being so weak, vulnerable and dependent, could survive it all? Previously she would not think so...

Yes, we amaze ourselves, when on the path of our life we manage not to stumble onto seems more and more obstacles. Do you feel how strong you are? And it does not matter that when no one sees you can cry into your pillow at nights - crying those who are tired to be strong...

And you have right to be tired... It does not matter that sometimes when you stay alone, still include fear and anxiety, you are strong because every day, day after day, you do not give up and go forward...

You are strong, but you should not be such. Not your, woman, nature is to be a fighter. But probably we all need to take a serious and painful challenges, overcome difficulties, crying out all tears in order to become again who we were born - a woman. Simple and good, sincere and loving. Yes, loving, because loving we can be only near man, loving us.

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snerfu wrote on March 3, 2015, 11:56 AM

Life is a struggle and our commitments keep us going.

GayleStorm wrote on March 3, 2015, 12:49 PM

Sometimes life can be very rough. If we can't find strength in ourselves, sometimes we much rely on others to remind us of the strength we have.

j2jworkz wrote on March 3, 2015, 3:24 PM

Moderation , even with strength, can be a good thing too.