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Don’t forget: Daylight Savings Time 2015

For those of you who experience , don’t forget that it’s nearly time to change our clocks once again. Remember the little saying to make sure you get it right, “Spring ahead; Fall back.”

Obviously, we’re heading into spring, so this Sunday, March 8, 2015at 2:00 in the morning (which feels like late Saturday night), it will be time to set your clocks ahead by one hour.

A number of devices do this automatically, but I have several clocks around my house that I do need to set. What I usually do is go ahead and set one of them early in the day on Saturday, to make sure I remember to set the others before I go to bed.

What do you think of Daylight Savings Time? Do you like it? Do you hate it?

I don’t like pushing the clocks up an hour and missing that hour of sleep, but I sure do like having sunshine past supper time. In the fall, when we first set the clocks back, it starts getting dark so early that it makes it feel like it’s later than it really is.

Have you ever been late of early arriving somewhere due to forgetting the ? I’ve experienced both, so, this reminder is as much for me as it is for you. I looked it up, because I knew it was coming soon.

I’m not sure which one really takes the most adjustment for me. I rather wish we just left the clocks alone.

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Colibry21 wrote on March 2, 2015, 6:08 PM

It has happened that we forgot to change the time, and we were early for church. My husband and I felt so bad. It was the only time either one of us forgot the change the time.

thisnthat wrote on March 2, 2015, 9:07 PM

I guess being early for church is better than being late! I've done the same thing though. Don't forget to set it!

Colibry21 wrote on March 2, 2015, 9:52 PM

I definitely don't want to. I'll do my best not to forget this time around.

cheri wrote on March 3, 2015, 6:17 AM

It was a very long time ago when we had that Daily Saving Time in the country. I wonder why it is not regulated anymore.