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Lost in space (short story)

I just landed on an alien planet, some 238 light years from my home, give or take about 10 light years.

I woke up about 86 hours ago from suspended animation, all alone. Something had gone badly wrong.

The voyage had taken around three times as long as it should have and we were well off course.

My five fellow crew-members couldn't be revived. The ship's computer wasn't able to tell me why it had gone so badly wrong.

I am still coming to terms with the realisation that everyone I knew at home would be long since dead.

When I came out of my self-induced coma, I found the ship was in orbit around an unidentifiable planet, which was circling an unnamed star in an unexplored part of the galaxy.

Alone, so very alone, with little hope of ever making it home alive.

I decided to land on the planet, even if just to perform funeral rites for my late companions.

I piloted my ship down onto one of the many land masses beneath us. The landing was without any problems.

All that was left to do was to check the atmosphere. I activated the external probes. Breathable air. Nothing particularly corrosive nor toxic. Bearable gravity. Surface quite stable. No large sentient life forms detected in the vicinity of the ship.

I wouldn't need my spacesuit nor my weapons then.

I placed my erstwhile crewmates one by one into the lift and took them down to ground-level.

I stepped out of the lift and breathed the air of the planet. Very refreshing after the endlessly recycled air of the ship.

I looked around. There were what appeared to be plants growing a short distance away, though the shapes and colours were not what I was used to seeing back home.

I returned to the lift and hoisted the first of the five bodies into my arms. It was the leader of the mission.

As I carried the corpse out of the lift, I happened to glance upwards. What I saw there made me drop the commander's body and retch violently.

It was the sky. The sky was a horrible, sickening colour.

How can I ever get used to living out my remaining days on a planet with a sky that's blue?

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msiduri wrote on March 2, 2015, 10:01 PM

Well, I guess you can't please everyone. Cute story.