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Ragna SS: Anyone can fall in love anytime Chapter 50a

Chapter 50a:

The couples leave for the airport and Vikram bids them goodbye.

Kalpana starts praying to God as this is her first time and Raghav was sitting relaxed beside her.

Raghav starts laughing and says “First time I am witnessing my tigress so scared. Love, hold my hand. You’ll fear will vanish. Trust me.” He kisses her on the hand and assures her that she will be safe.

Kalpana cuddles him in her arms and rests her head in his shirt. Raghav holds her in his arms with one hand and caresses her face with the other.

Kalpana closes her eyes and starts breathing heavily as the flight takes off. Raghav kisses her forehead and says “Love, the flight has already taken off. Now, there’s nothing to get scared off. Open your eyes.”

Kalpana opens her eyes slowly and feels safe in Raghav’s arms. She looks at him and then at his hand which she has been holding tight for quite a while. She notices marks on his wrist which were formed as her nails dug in his skin. His wrist and palm had turned red.

“I’m so sorry Raghav. Your hand is bleeding.” Kalpana says while blowing hot air on Raghav’s hand.

“I’m fine love. It’s not hurting.” Raghav assures her.

“I’m sorry.” Kalpana says while kissing Raghav’s wounds.

Disclaimer: The character names in the story are fictional characters and owned by the creators of the show "Ek Mutthi Asmaan" on ZEE TV.

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