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Do you have a FitBit? Do you love it?

I joined the gym this week in an attempt to relieve stress/anxiety and to improve my health. I really need the motivation to keep at it so I decided to buy a FitBit to help with that. Basically, it is a bracelet that you wear which can track your steps, your heart rate, and even your sleep! As someone who has issues with blood pressure and heart rate spikes, I bought the "fanciest" model which can tell you your heart rate right on the piece.

I mentioned on Facebook that I bought one and several of my friends replied enthusiastically and said to add them as "friends" so I guess there is a way to see what others are up to and help to encourage each other. No one had anything negative to say but that doesn't mean that everyone loves theirs.

I'm looking for feedback. Does everyone who has a Fit Bit love it?

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GemstonePink wrote on February 27, 2015, 6:05 PM

My husband and I have been thinking about getting one of those for each of us. Hope someone here can give you a helpful review.